Consent Form

At Harrow House International College we sometimes use student images for promotional use.

We use these photos in our brochure, on our website and social media sites. Full names are not disclosed, and there is no ability to tag.

We would like your consent to take photos of your child / (you, if a student over 16), and use them in the ways described below. If you’re not happy for us to do this, that’s no problem – we will accommodate your preferences.

Photos (Social Media)


Photos (Websites and Brochures)

I am happy for the College to take photographs of me/my child to use on the Company website and in the Company brochure. I understand the Company’s brochure will be available in printed format as well as digital format on their website.

Partners (Social Media, Websites and Brochures)

I am happy for the College to make any images, and/or videos, available to the College's Partners for use in their promotional material.

If you have given consent for the use of your child’s photo to be used in any of the above mentioned formats, these photos will be held indefinitely and may be re-used by the Company in future brochures or advertising literature.

Your Rights

You have the right to withdraw consent for your child’s photo being used in the ways described above.

To do this please email us at, or telephone on +44 1929 424421, or contact your dedicated Admissions Consultant at Harrow House should you have been in direct communication at booking stage.

Please note that if you have consented to your child’s photo being used in our brochure, it will not be possible for us to remove this photo once it has been published and distributed until we publish our next brochure.

If you do not give consent please make sure your child is fully aware of this.

Full details of our privacy policy can be found here:

Parent / Guardian needs to sign below if student is under 16 on arrival. If over 16, student please sign below.