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Oxford Online Placement Test

Your course may require you to take an Oxford Online Placement Test.

Please read the following instructions carefully:

Step 1

You will receive an email with your login number and password. It is important that you log in and complete the placement test as soon as possible.

Step 3

When asked, enter the username, password and organisation ID you were given and log in where it says ‘Organisation login’.

Step 4

When asked, enter your full name and email address so that Harrow House knows who completed the test.

Step 5

Click on the ‘Oxford Online Placement Tests’ tab to view your placement test.

Step 6

The test will consist of a multiple choice test which will focus on grammar and reading and a listening test. You will need a computer with good speakers or earphones to complete the listening test.

Step 7

Click on ‘start test’ to begin. Be careful, there is an expiry date on the exam and you will have a total of 80 minutes to complete both parts.

Step 8

You will then be asked at which level you would like to begin. If you already know your level of English, then click on the appropriate tab. If you don’t know your level, click on ‘Please choose a starting point for me’ and then press ‘next’.

Step 9

The test is a multiple choice test. You will need to choose A, B, C or D and select the box.
When you have finished the test, make sure you click ‘submit’ to send your test to Harrow House.

Examinations must be completed under approved conditions.
Invigilators must sign and complete the the Oxford Online Test Invigilators Declaration which can be downloaded here.

Harrow House English Test

If you wish to know your present level of English, please complete this English test and print out your test result.

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